1- How do I book a theme?
You can buy your ticket(s) online at www.sherlockescaperoom.com
On Home Page click on BOOK NOW or BOOKING...

2- May I combine or use more than one discount/promotion?

No, you cannot.


3- How early do we need to arrive?
Always 10-15 minutes before the reserved time. Timer will always start sharp at the scheduled time so if players arrive late it is up to your team either move forward and play within remaining...

4– How many people are allowed per session?
From 4 to 12 people. In case of more than 12 people for the same theme/session/game, please do NOT book online but contact us first at (561) 921-7466.

5- Can my team/group book the entire room only for us, even if we don’t have 12 people?
If you want to play with your friends/family only, you must book private event for that room/theme.
For you to have the entire room exclusively for you and your...

6- I have an extra person that I didn’t buy the ticket for. Can I buy it at the door or just fit him/her in our group?
No, we cannot allow/accommodate extra people without buying the ticket in advance.

7- Do I need any skills to play it?
No. Bring your friends, family, co-workers and have the best time ever.

8- Is this scary?
No, it is full of mystery, surprises and fun.

9- What if my group does not purchase all of the tickets (book the entire room) for the chosen session/theme?
In this case, the extra tickets will be still available to be purchased from anyone outside of your group and it means that you may be paired with additional players/groups...

10- What if I want to come out of the room during the game?
We will always have an exit door with easy access from inside of the theme you are playing.


11- Why do you have cameras in the rooms?
They are used by our Operator to supervise you and supply clues during the game/session.


12- Is my money refundable?
No, but we can reschedule your time if you call us at (561) 921-7466 at least 24 hours prior your scheduled time.

13- What is the minimum age to participate?

To participate in one of our rooms the child must be 14 years and older. This live game is not suitable for children under 14 years old, unless a PRIVATE EVENT is booked and accom panied by an adult.

14- I have a question but I don’t see it here.
No problem, just call us at (561) 921-7466 and we will answer any questions.

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