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Amy's Revenge

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Amy has a criminal mind and uses her disguise ability to fool the FBI agents. She planned a trap for the Sherlock's Spies, and this mission it's not just about escaping, but finding your way in her room...


Sherlock's Rescue

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Mr. Sherlock was investigating this secret society called Chaos. He was abducted by the enemies and all we know is that Mr. Sherlock left a sequence of clues to Rescue him back. Are you up to this Mission?


Corporate Event

Looking for a corporate team building event?

At Sherlock Escape Room your team of employees will be encouraged to recognize the need of working in unit, giving ideas and considering others ideas to succeed and achieve the same target: escaping with the mission accomplished in 1 hour.


Family & Friends

Birthdays, night outs or just an excuse to have fun?

Unlike any other entertainment, at Sherlock Escape Room you and your team are part of a story full of suspense, fun, puzzles, secret passages, hidden objects and the need of teamwork in order to achieve the mission and escape within 1 hour for an awesome photo session.

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